Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The upside-down Christmas tree has shown itself to be a prominent and effective weapon in the battle on classy christmas parties. Until recently, finding an upside-down tree in the wild befitting of said occasion was a rare and special event. WikiChristmasLeaks has obtained instructions for the self installation of said Upside-down Christmas tree (henceforth referred to as the UDCT) appropriate for certain levels of handiness.

Method A - "Super-handy": No, this is not referring to the behavior of your awkward date after your senior homecoming dance. This is only for the most thourough party planners and those with contruction experience. Step 1: After selecting venue and room for UDCT, carefully dissassemble the room piece by piece. Step 2: Reassemble complete room upside-down. Step 3: Secure regular christmas tree and presents to new floor using epoxy solution. Step 4: Dissassemble romm, flip, and reassemble Step 5: Enjoy UDCT. If this seems too complicated, the following diagram should simplify.

Method B - The Chris "it's not what it looks like" Hansen Edition: Step 1: Install regular christmas tree right side up. Step 2: Invite several skilled gymnasts to your party (keep in mind that smaller gymnasts make your tree look bigger) Step 3: Have said gymnasts perform handstands throughout duration of party, creating an illusion of an upside-down christmas tree. Step 4: Enjoy UDCT. It should be noted that this technique should be performed with an abundance of caution when selecting gymnasts to ensure the proper age minimums are set. A helpful diagram for those having trouble picturing Method B is provided below.

Method C - The "If you'd wear lights and a battery pack, why not mount a tree upside down" technique: Step 1) Suspend fake tree using steel wire wrapped around the shaft of the tree and hung from a bike rack that your educated but hippie-ish landlord had installed on the wall. Step 2) Prop the tree in an upright manner by using the extension tube for a vacuum to separate the base (top) of the tree away from the wall. Step 3) Wrap the presents and strap them to the top (bottom) of the tree using duck and/or duct tape. Step 4) Fasten the star to the bottom (top) of the tree and wrapp with christmas lights and garland as necessary. Step 5) Enjoy!
Above: The alleged author of Method C shows off his Xmas Lite Straight Jacket as we get a thumb up (or down?) from a satisfied party-goer.

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