Monday, December 6, 2010


As soon as we tweeted about our party, our page nearly got shut down.  The excitement is undeniable.  The intensity-palpable.  You can catch the Christmas spirit in the air with a cider ladle.  The anticipation for this confluence of concentrated Christmas charisma has rocked the twittersphere. Observe:

@502NIvy: 7th annual Tacky Christmas Holiday Sweater Party Soiree Spectacular Outfits required. First 25 responses get first crack at the nog.

@JonGosselin: All I have is Ed Hardy's Christmas line, so I don't have a thing to wear to the party.  I'll dig up one of Kate's pregnancy outfits.

@Kate+EIGHT: @JonGosselin YOU HAVE TO BABYSIT. You and that homewrecker will not be attending. 

@SarahFromAlaska: I'll bring some fresh reindeer meat.  Its not Levi.  Promise ;-)

@ChuckieWeissND: Hey my holiday season isn't going to be busy after all.  I'll be there.  Is it cool if I invite Groh and Mangino?

@TimTebow: To everyone, I'm so sorry.  I promise you one thing.  You will never see anyone tackier than me.  You will never see anyone push a party harder to be tackier than I will push this party for the rest of the season. God Bless.  PHIL 12:44.

@MikeTheSituation: The situation is vibin' hard with these broads.  Shoulder pads r hawt. Guidos be jealous of my Christmas Giraffe beater.

@TheRealTigerWoods:  I'll need a ride.

@MattDamon: MATT DAMON

@MileyCyrus: Thinkin bout hopin on a flight. Be in your hometown tonight.  As long as the DJ plays my song.

@TeamEdward: My sweater is dark and brooding.

@TeamJacob: Do NOT transform in your sweater if you ever want to see it again.  I just shredded my third one. Mom's pissed.

@KimKardashian: My onesie back flap won't button up. Time to take those Reebok Easytones out of the box.

@PatrickBateman: Huey Lewis released a Christmas album in 1986. It was really the tour de force for both classic Christian arrangements and modern secular melody!

@SHAMWOW: The Germans made my sweater.  They always make good stuff.

@LizLemon: There better be Christmas Ham.

@ChadOchoCinco: Bringing the mistletoe so yall can kiss the Christmas baby.

@MichaelScott: I would like a nice slice of Christmas Pam. Side of candied Pams. And perhaps some Pam chops. With mint...

@TracyJordan: Griz and DotCom: grab the Christmas strippers and the reindeer getups!  Here come's Santa!

@DaRealKanYeWest: Ima let you finish Mrs. Clause, but this is the greatest tacky Christmas Party of ALL TIME

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