Tuesday, December 14, 2010


*Diagram may or may not accurately reflect a pictorial version of the current threat

Intelligence reports collected over the past few years are indicating a disturbing, and possiby dangerous scenario playing out in kitchens, campsites and quite possibly even bathrooms across America. Yes, on domestic soil! Un-named individuals (to be clear, they have names, but those have not been released) have been observed and suspected of a home-grown enriching operation The exact methods and chemicals vary from operation to operation, but the public needs to be on the lookout. More after the jump...

It is expected that dangerous doses could be transported in vessels similar to these...

For the first time, a specific threat has been singled out. Reports of a US Citizen with Irish roots have him acquiring various chemicals to be used in the enrichment process. Sources have confirmed that this individual has recently acquired multiple gallons of Apple Cider, as well as a large amount of Jack Daniels. The fear, is that when properly mixed together, and heated to the correct temperature gradient, this potent combination will be unleashed on the masses.

Large amounts of enriched chemicals can be achieved through relatively easy means.

Specific intelligence indicates that the concoction may be release on the general public within the next week. Concerned citizens should be on the lookout for large amounts of raw chemicals such as Apple Cider, Jack Daniels, Egg Nog, Rum, or for the more radical threat: Grain Alcohol. Currently, there is no antibody ready for a chemical attack while authorities so far only suggest to avoid driving if you find yourself infected.

Be sure to watch out for these people, they can be very dangerous and have moved on after their conventional weapons training did not work out.

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