Sunday, December 5, 2010


This serves as the homepage for WikiChristmasLeaks. Tens and possibly twenties of documents have been anonymously leaked to the WikiChristmasLeaks site (here). These documents contain classified and top secret information relating to the proper celebration of the Tacky Christmas party. Names have been named. Many celebrities and public figures will deny involvement, but the documents do not lie. Why the evil wikileaks empire has turned its nasty eye towards Christmas (and our party) only Julian Assange and his devious minions know.  Pundits and scholars maintain that this particular party has drawn ire simply because it has been too great for too long.  A monopoly on tackiness could not be tolerated.  The informants and turncoats of wikichristmasleaks believe that the recipes employed by these merry revelers of the yuletide must give their secrets to the people.  These socialists clearly intend for all people to be able to throw an equally tacky and festive soiree, but simply knowing the ingredients does not guarantee a delicious cake.  Just note that over the next 12 days leading up to the event, many documents will appear here. Nobody is safe. The evil tentacles of the wikichristmasleaks empire know no boundaries.

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