Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TOP SECRET: More fun with recipes!

"Say there, festive party goer, you look like you could use some refreshment"

"Who me? I'm a girl you know"

"Well I happen to have the ingredients for the most deliciously festive and social beverage known to the Tacky Christmas Party world!" Recipe after the jump...


A Peppermint Pattie Shot!

"That sounds amazing! How does it work?"

"Pour the chocolate sauce and peppermint schnapps in your mouth"

"Top with a healthy portion of whipped cream"

"Shake it around like mouthwash before a date, then enjoy!"

There will be a limited supply of peppermint pattie shots judiciously distributed by seasoned peppermint pattie professionals.  This group has years of experience, and uses only the freshest locally sourced ingredients.  The painstaking effort these mixologists have put into perfecting the proportions of this potent potable should be appreciated by all, but only in a responsible fashion.  

We can't have any of THIS (safe and festive for work) happening

So anyone in a full Santa outfit (not even tacky at all) will be under heavy scrutiny.  Please plan accordingly.  

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